Call for Workshop Proposals


We are soliciting proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the ACM Multimedia Asia 2024 conference. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a comprehensive forum on current and emerging topics that could not be fully explored during the main conference and to encourage in-depth discussions of technical and application issues.

Proposal Format
Each workshop proposal (maximum 4 pages in PDF format) must include:
1. Title of the workshop
2. Workshop organizers (name, contact info, and short biography)
3. Scope and topics of the workshop
- Why the workshop is related to ACM Multimedia Asia 2024.
- Why the topic is important.
- Why the workshop may attract a reasonable number of attendees.
- A brief biography for each organizer
5.Workshop details:
- A draft call for papers (including organizers, program committee, and steering committee if any). Organizers are expected to be fully committed and physically present at the workshop.
- Workshop tentative schedule (number of expected papers, duration: full/half day, format: talks/posters, etc.). We encourage both full-day and half-day events that demonstrate the interest of the community in the proposed topic and guarantee the commitment of the organizers.
- Names of potential participants and invited speakers (if any).
6. Workshop history: If there are past workshops, the history of the workshop.

For submissions and questions, please email the Workshop Chairs:
>   Zhou Zhao (, Zhejiang University)
>   Fei Wu (, Zhejiang University)
>   Jian Zhang (, University of Technology SydneyZhejiang University)